The Golden Age of Zsolnay: a Collection by László Gyugyi

The exhibition presents one of the world’s most beautiful and richest Zsolnay collections, collected for decades by its former owner born in Hungary and currently living in the USA. Using his expertise He enriched the collection with pieces from different parts of the world, excellent taste, and dedicated affection.

László Gyugyi and the City of Pécs decided to create the conditions together for the return of works that once set out on their journey to conquer the world back to their “hometown”. This made it possible for the public to get acquainted with these magnificent ceramics at the permanent exhibition opened in 2010 in the Sikorski House, as a real gem of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. The great success and affectionate reception encouraged the collector to increase the number of exhibited works year by year over the years, moreover, his example encouraged others to do the same.

The collection, currently consisting of 710 ceramic masterpieces, 6 design sheets and 3 contemporary documents includes the top works of the Zsolnay factory from the period of historicism, millennium and Art Nouveau, which were once meant for world exhibitions or foreign markets. The vases, bowls, jugs, lamps, sculptures or murals on display radiate the magical atmosphere of the past and convey the irresistible attraction and timeless brilliance of art at the same time.

How to adopt additional artworks from the collection?

We did out best to make a wide range of pieces available from the Gyugyi Collection to our adopters, but there were still a number of works that were not posted on the website.

Therefore, we also provide you with the opportunity to choose from the other works of the exhibition not listed above to own virtually for a while.

For this end, all you have to do is send the photo(s) of the selected artwork(s) to our colleagues. You can also do this in person at the VISITOR CENTER located in the Zsolnay Quarter or at the ZSOLNAY INFOPONT & SHOP. You can upload the image of the object/artwork concerned electronically / enter the name of the object/artwork selected by clicking on the “Adopting further artworks” button below.

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