We would like to thank all our adopters for their donations whereby they contributed to the success of the program.

We are honored that you find it worthwhile and important to support culture, art and the values of the past in this way.

We hope that, despite the possible geographical distance, our supporters could get closer to the Zsolnay spirit through the artwork adopted.

Adopters of the artworks of the Golden Age of Zsolnay: a Collection by László Gyugyi

  • Cserna György

    Tulip chalice with closed petals, tendrils
    “Enthusiastic adopter”

  • Dr. Rékási Zoltán

    Vases; panoramas with rising volcanic smoke 1901-1904;1901-1902
    “Dedicated Adopter”*

  • Dr. Herendi Zsolt

    Large Zsolnay vase
    “Enthusiastic adopter”

  • Fejes Zsuzsanna

    A series of plates with so-called “English figures”
    “Enthusiastic adopter”

Adopters of the artworks of the Pink Zsolnay exhibition

  • Lakosa Zita

    Coffe pot
    "Enthusiastic adopter"

  • Kisfaludi Júlia

    Coffee cup with floral saucer
    “Enthusiastic adopter”

Adopters of the Outdoor Zsolnay ceramic artworks

  • Tálos Benedek

    An ornamental piece for The Peace Palace of The Hague
    "Dedicated adopter"

  • Somogyi Istvánné

    ”Fancy Chimney”
    "Enthusiastic adopter”

  • Czinege Krisztina

    Roe deer with its kid
    "Dedicated adopter”

Adopters of Unique Zsolnay ceramic artworks

  • Dr. Rékási Zoltán és Lakosa Zita

    Cigar room, tile detail
    “Dedicated Adopter”*