Outdoor Zsolnay ceramic artworks

Zsolnay Factory has always been a special empire: home to the productive industry, but also to the soul-ennobling arts.

Vilmos Zsolnay and his heirs have always strived to make this obvious to customers or just guests arriving here. An inexhaustible source of decoration for factory buildings and parks were the less successful pieces of larger orders, which always found their place on a building or in one of the gardens. Thanks to this, you can find a delightful piece of art, sculptures, tiles, coats of arms and other sights almost everywhere in the territory of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.

As a prosaic results of this illustrious Zsolnay tradition, factory buildings and parks served as a kind of product catalogue. During a walk in the factory area, potential clients could decide which sculpture, building ornament or tiles to choose. Thanks to the highly professional landscaping and restoration work carried out during the construction of the Zsolnay Quarter, visitors will be greeted by the same sight and atmosphere as in the golden age, during the period of the Zsolnays.

How to adopt additional artworks from the collection?

We did out best to make a wide range of pieces available from the Pink Exhibition to our adopters, but there were still a number of works that were not posted on the website.

Therefore, we also provide you with the opportunity to choose from the other works of the exhibition not listed above to own virtually for a while.

All you have to do is send the photo(s) of the selected object(s) to our colleagues. You can also do this in person at the VISITOR CENTER located in the Zsolnay Quarter or at the ZSOLNAY INFOPONT & SHOP. You can upload the image of the object/artwork concerned electronically / enter the name of the object/artwork selected by clicking on the “Adopting further artworks” button below.

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