Adopting further artworks

We also provide you with the opportunity to choose from the other works of the exhibition not listed above to own virtually for a while.

Details of the adopter

Details of payer / invoicing date

Zsolnay artwork

Payment details

The GDPR of Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-profit Ltd. is available at

*In case of online adoption, by clicking on the “Adopt” button, you will be redirected to the page, where you can pay the amount of the adoption by credit card.

If you want to adopt the artwork selected in person, you can do it at the Visitor Center, the Zsolnay Info-point & Shop or in the Zsolnay Guesthouse during office hours, all found in the Zsolnay Quarter, and you can pay the amount of adoption in cash, by credit card, by szép card or by Zsolnay gift voucher. At the sites listed, well-versed staff will help you in the administrative issues.

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